Thomas Personal Profile Analysis PPA

Thomas Personal Profile Analysis (PPA)  provides an accurate insight into how people behave at work answering questions such as: what are their strengths and limitations? Are they self starters? How do they communicate? What motivates them? PPA enables your people to become more aware of their work style. Only by improving their self awareness will they have the means to consolidate their working strengths and compensate for their behavioural limitations.

Insights gained from PPA will lead to a greater understanding of why your people behave the way they do and can be used to hone managers’ communication skills.

Thomas carries out over one million assessments each year for companies around the world and PPA is available in over 56 different languages. PPA is a series of 24 forced choice questions, taking no longer than 7 – 8 minutes to complete. It doesn’t show ‘good’ or ‘bad’ qualities, it provides an understanding of how a person prefers to behave at work and the characteristics they will demonstrate. There are no right or wrong answers.

Key Benefits

  • Fast, accurate and cost effective
  • Takes only 7-8 minutes to complete
  • Eliminates the need for guesswork
  • Enables more effective people management


PPA has received a Certificate of Registration from the British Psychological Society (BPS) to confirm it meets all the psychometric requirements for use as a psychological tool.

How will it help my business?

Behavioural assessments such as PPA can be used to solve a whole range of people issues in business:

  • Recruitment: selecting people for jobs, whether they are external or internal candidates. Assessments can be used to create an initial short list (known as sifting), to decide on interview questions or to investigate essential characteristics of a job.
  • Retention: PPA can help manage team relationships, resolve conflict, tailor training programmes and ensure people are in the right job for them. Staff feel valued in a positive work environment and so are less likely to leave.
  • Training: assessments can identify strengths and limitations, pinpoint training needs and be used to evaluate the success of training courses.
  • Development: this covers a huge area from individual to organisational development. PPA can be used as a platform to coach employees struggling with aspects of their job, put together high performance project teams, assist with change management or survey potential issues within a team, department or company.

PPA can be used to recruit new staff; identify people with the potential to be promoted and developed; counsel staff who are under-performing; put teams together; identify pressure points and areas of frustration within an organisation; decide on the best organisational structure and create incentive programmes that really motivate. It can be used in any decision about people individually or people in groups.

Research shows that interviews, CVs, references and application forms are very bad at predicting whether people will succeed. Interviews can be subjective because you will be hugely influenced by your prejudices, likes and dislikes without realising it. If you think back, you’ll remember

the great candidate who proved to be a complete disaster. Assessments such as PPA are a way of making hard-headed business decisions. They will increase your bottom line by decreasing staff turnover, identifying talent and creating a more efficient and productive organisation.

Number of questions: 24

Time to complete: 7-8 minutes

How is the test administered? Online/Pencil and paper

How is the test scored? Automated scoring/Manual scoring

What training is needed? PPA practitioners workshop I


PPA reports available

Once PPA has been completed there are a wide range of reports available that will enable you to appreciate and understand the way your people work.

PPA Profile

A comprehensive assessment of an individual’s working strengths, fears, motivators and value to the organisation. Includes how they are likely to behave under pressure, how they modify their behaviour in their current job and any frustrations they may be facing.

Job Profiling

This is the behavioural requirements of a job. Our online interactive Job Create tool allows you to do this quickly and easily.

Executive Summary

Similar assessment to PPA Profile but formatted in a bullet point summary.

Management/Sales Interview Questionnaire

Provides a series of structured, behavioural type questions to use at interview. The questionnaires get behind the candidate’s mask at interview and help you question their ability to do the job.

Interviewer’s Guide

Free with any PPA report, it generates questions for use in an interview scenario, for both personal development and recruitment. It asks questions in relation to the whole profile, including points to review.

Personal Review

Reports on the personal style of the individual using key descriptive words. Gives advice on how to maximise that person’s potential.

Candidate Feedback

Designed to simplify and aid feedback. Highlights descriptive words, general characteristics, motivators and value to the organisation.

Strengths and Limitations

Gives a fast, effective overview of the behavioural strengths and limitations of the individual.


Highlights the working strengths of two individuals: how they perceivee each other and communicate. Gives advice on how to improve their working relationship.

How to Manage

Guidance on how to manage a person, motivation to be used and the style of communication best received by them.

Training Needs Analysis

Identifies likely training needs and details competences and weaknesses.

Driver Assessment Report

Looks at the behavioural characteristics linked to high risk driving. It compares a driver’s preferred behaviour to the known high risk behavioural characteristics and gives a rating of 1 – 5.

Management Audit

Considers a person’s strengths and limitations in relation to six key management competences: managing and motivating; decision making; planning and problem solving; communication style; administrative ability and how they develop others.

Sales Audit

Details a person’s likely ability to open and close a sale and service clients, as well as reporting on their presentation style and administrative ability.

Career Guide

A useful outplacement tool to stimulate conversation in the area of career guidance. It enables you to target three precise areas: junior/clerical, supervisory or executive/professional.

Admin/Technical Audit

The PPA profile is described in its application to a role in an administrative or technical capacity.

Call Centre Audit

Identifies how a person responds to client needs, how they impart information, problem solving skills, likely persistence and sensitivity as well as how they will promote products and services.

Search and Select

A free report enabling you to match people to jobs as well as jobs to people. A fantastic sifting tool that will highlight a person’s goodness of fit to a role.

Bespoke Reports

We also offer the ability to create reports based on constituent parts from these existing reports. You can pick and mix headings from the above reports – a minimum of 10 paragraphs to a maximum of 20.